Artist's notes

Squirrels are mischevous, playful and entertaining. Some say they are like little forest ambassadors who come to urban parks and backyards to play. I have a cherry tree in my backyard that local squirrels use as an amusement park. I could spend hours just watching them chasing each other and having fun.

Squirrel plywood poster


The curious little squirrel is captured on a plywood poster, a special art piece that brings positive energy to your home.


24 x 30 cm

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The sweet squirrel illustration is printed on high quality plywood. The poster is printed on thin high-quality plywood. The lightweight plywood poster can be framed or hung easily with just a paperclip. The plywood is made from high-quality Finnish birch veneer, which is both FSC and PEFC certified for responsible forestry. Logo and monogram are laser engraved on plywood.