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Feel the forest

To its creatures, the forest is everything – a labyrinth of untold adventures.

Feel forest wall art

Feel the forest

To its creatures, the forest is everything: a labyrinth of untold adventures, a den’s warm embrace, a wellspring of nourishment. The play of light and shadow make it ever-changing. A summer’s day is a triumph of light; in the winter night, darkness dominates. In the shade of a secluded glen, a lynx or a vole can laze away the hours of daylight and wait for the night. When darkness falls, the forest awakens.

The forest lives in the eternal now, each moment different and yet the same. The bear feasts on berries, and the raven croaks in a withered tree. The rabbit becomes a blur running from the fox, and the mouse slips into a hole in the ground. Reaching up, the wild mushrooms are a hint taller now than they were yesterday. In the heart of the forest, an ancient tree falls on a bed of moss. As it rots away, new life springs forth from its remains.

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