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Seeing a roe deer in nature often ends up in a staring competition. The last time I saw a roe deer was while I was hunting for mushrooms - the deer watched me for a long time before I noticed it. With this drawing I wanted to capture the delicate, dream-like appearance of roe deer. It is standing still but ready to flee at any moment.

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Deer poster

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The elegant roe deer is captured on a special art print that brings the feeling of forest to your home.

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Roe deer are small and beautiful. The poster is printed on thin high-quality plywood. The lightweight plywood poster can be framed or hung easily with just a paperclip. The plywood is made from high-quality Finnish birch veneer, which is both FSC and PEFC certified for responsible forestry. Logo and monogram are laser engraved on plywood. The small poster is a perfect match our 30 cm poster frames. The large poster is a perfect match our 50 cm poster frames.