Artist's notes

Siberian Jay is a small bird in the crow family. It is friendly curious and almost tame - when hiking in Lapland you are almost guaranteed to see it. If you are patient, it might even come and take a breadcrumb from your hand. In Finland and among the Sámi communities the Siberian Jay is considered to bring good luck. Intuitively it makes sense to me. It brings joy at least the Siberian Jay is beautiful and fun to look at!

Siberian jay art print

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The curious Siberian Jay is an enchanted bird for the Sámi people of Lapland. This fine art print is a part of a limited series.


24 x 30 cm

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Let Siberian jay art bring good omen to your home! The Willow Ptarmigan fine art print is produced on a high-quality acid-free 310g/m2 fine art paper. Actual artwork size: 24 x 30 cm. A limited set of 100 prints, signed and numbered by the artist. If you want your print framed please select framed option before adding it to the cart. Our frame is a high-quality pine wood frame painted matte white and made in Finland. The fine art print fits into a standard-sized frame if you wish to frame it yourself.