Artist's notes

Woodpeckers can be heard pecking or ‘drumming’ - excavating nest cavities and digging for insects. It is almost like they bring rhythm to forest life. Their force and speed can be impressive; they can drum up to 20 times per second!

Woodpecker art print

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Woodpeckers are brilliant drummers! This fine art print is a part of a limited series, numbered and signed by the artist.


30 x 40 cm

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The elegant Woodpecker fine art print is part of a limited series. The Woodpecker is printed on a high-quality acid-free 310g/m2 fine art paper. Actual artwork size: 30 x 40 cm. A limited set of 25 prints, signed and numbered by the artist. If you want your print framed please select framed option before adding it to the cart. Our frame is a high-quality pine wood frame painted matte white and made in Finland. The fine art print fits into a standard-sized frame if you wish to frame the print yourself.